Christmas 2017 Home Tour – The Main Tree and Surrounds Part 1 of 3

Every year at my Christmas party I start thinking of the theme and colors for my Christmas decorations for the following year. Last year I decided that the colors that I would use would be Red, Black and White. I also was pretty stuck on the idea that I would use Snowmen as my theme. To my amazement, these colors are pretty much on trend with the seasonal offerings, so this year it was easy finding my colors. For the first time, I am actually presenting my tree and decorations before Christmas and I am excited to share with you the joy and excitement that I get from decorating for the Holiday season.

This is my fourth Christmas in my not so new home, and every year I’ve hosted a Christmas Party. Last year, I hosted a combination Christmas/Graduation party in celebration for my son, who graduated from college last December. The combination party was to avoid hosting two parties in December. Anyway, I digress – as I stated before my color scheme is Red, Black and White for my main tree, but my theme is not snowmen, – I settled for Winter Whimsy. From outside of my home coming in, you will always be able to determine the colors of the main tree as I coordinate the decorations from the front door all the way to the main tree in the family room. One more thing about the main tree, it always has the color red in it, and the other colors I pick – well, must go with red.

The main tree is one of four decorated trees this year. I also typically have a few other trees scattered throughout my home that are not decorated. You will see the other trees in my upcoming blog post, so stay tuned.

This year, I started early with my shopping and most of my decorations came from Raz Imports. (I also purchased a red sleigh – seen later).

Picks and Sprays all laid out and ready to enhance my tree:

Here is the Finished tree.

I decided that I would incorporate that color black through the ribbon, lanterns, and gift wrapping. The lanterns – five in all, add a touch of whimsy to the tree. I anchored them securely and then used picture mounting putty on the bottom of the candles to keep them from shifting.

The black and white ribbon really brings the tree to life – I used armed width lengths and stuffed the ends deep inside the tree, to give the illusion of the ribbon going in and out of the tree. I really like how the red poinsettias, snow covered pinecones and red snow berries bring the tree to life. I also think the addition of the glass finials really made the tree pop.

The red sleigh is the perfect perch for all of the gifts.

I always choose one or two homemade projects to add to my decorations, this year; I decided I would make poinsettia bows to compliment my black gift wrapping. I think they came out pretty good. Let me know what you think.

So typically, I always coordinate the fireplace mantel and other elements nearby to the Christmas tree. This year was no exception.

As I mentioned before, you can tell from my front porch the color scheme of my main tree. Here is what my front porch looks like. The sled was a used purchase, and I sourced the greens from my neighborhood.

I hope you enjoyed my decorations of my main tree. Stay tuned for Part 2.

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