Nothing in Particular

So I’m having writer’s block already, and I haven’t even finished out a full week of blogging. Anyway, today I was on a never ending call with someone who obviously can hold a conversation by herself, because I didn’t have to speak at all and the conversation lasted three hours, I have to say it was longest three hours of my life. I was in a training class remotely, so I was listening half way, which is a trend for me, unfortunately there is a test, the horror. I must now review everything that was spoken to me, why the pain and suffering I don’t know.

Anyhow, I have been wondering why I hear women say that there are no good men out there. I wish women would stop saying that, because I believe that you get what you speak, so I will never utter those words, and also I know too many upstanding black men to ever repeat such non-sense. Now, most of these women that say these things, are women with confidence issues. How do you teach confidence??? I’m very confident, and I believe it comes from God, knowing oneself, and loving oneself. I love me some me…I just wish I could help other women see the light. This will be a work in progress, I’ll update you on the status.

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