Bday Celebration and Skating

So last night, I went to Benihana’s to celebrate my nephews birthday. My sweetie, El ordered sushi, and I should have taken his lead because we needed to leave early, but instead I order shrimp and chicken. Wow, that was a mistake…honestly, why do you cook the chicken last??? It doesn’t take that long to cook, and I want to eat my food all together. I know call me weird, but that’s just how I am. Just so there is no mistaking, I know how it works at Benihana’s this was not my first time at the rodeo, but it had been about two years and I guess I keep forgetting that ordering seafood is always faster. Hmmm…it had been two years prior to last night, maybe that should tell me something. Okay on to the celebration – good food (albeit cold), good conversation, good friends, and family – I’ll rate my experience as PRICELESS. So dinner was done, and El and I hustled over to the rink for some much needed cardio. After skating, and getting our sweat on we were approached by a stranger who commented on our skating style and how he felt we expressed our love through our skating – okay I’m listening…He then asked if we were married – “uh no”, El piped up. Well how long have you been dating, he asked. Three years, El’s reply. Wow, I had nothing to say – and this stranger actually quoted a song – If you don’t know me by now – hmmm, I think – Am I being punked??? Well the conversation got more interesting after that, being that I can have a short attention span, and he had long since stopped complimenting our skating ability, I admit that I was only half listening – but he had El’s full attention. He then branched into spirituality, and how El needed to be closer to God in order to be closer to me, and maybe if it’s been so long – perhaps we were not destined to be together – there were other things mentioned, but again I was half listening. This stranger ended his conversation by asking if he could pray for us – wow, I have to admit, I loved his tenacity, so we prayed. A sign???

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  1. Another fun idea for a Birthday on Ice celebration is to take a couple of your child’s friends to an actual ice skating show, and then head to the public rink for a skating session where guests cans show off some of their own moves after the performance.


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