Valentine’s Day – Part 2


For Valentine’s Day I went out to eat at Big Chow Grill. Although I had heard about the restaurant, I had yet to experience it. Well, let me just tell you, it was not at all what I expected. We decided to sit at the bar because we had somewhere else to go, and the 30 minute wait for a seat seemed too long. At the bar, which was very empty, we were greeted by the bartender, who explained quickly how it works – go to the line, grab a black bowl put everything in it you want in your stir fry, then get a bowl for your protein. Basically, it’s an all you can eat place stir-fry place, but the kicker is you select the items you want to add to your stir-fry, and hand it over to a grill master. Now, this idea at first sounded fun, and I was gunho. I got my black bowl, filled it with brown rice, snow peas, carrots, bean sprouts, baby corn, broccoli, and mushrooms, and added Hunan and soy sauces to that bowl. I then picked up my protein bowl, and added chicken and some Hunan seasoning. I handed both bowls over to the grill master, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. When I received my cooked food back in a red bowl it was not that tasty, probably because I had the wrong combination of seasoning and sauces. Well not to be daunted, I tried again, this time with the help of the bartender and a card with all the ingredients checked of what she felt was a crowd pleaser – her exact words, “she has never received any complaints.” So armed with my new knowledge and checklist, I tried again. Let me just say that it was not a success. Back at the bar – which was filling nicely, my sweetie had made friends with the gentleman on his right, and this gentleman upon seeing my non-success offered that I should taste his food. I declined politely, but who does that – let’s just say he was really friendly and without sanitation boundaries. I clearly have sanitation boundaries, and partaking of another person’s food that I don’t know is crossing one. All and all, it was a fun experience, and I’ll probably take my son there so he can try it out, but I’ll be safe and order from the menu.

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