Getting Christmas Ready for a Progressive Dinner Party

I live in a small neighborhood, so I have gotten to know quite a few of my neighbors really well. They in turn have gotten to know me, and some of my unique skill sets. My neighbor Nancy called me wanting to know if I could come over and help her get her decorations ready for the progressive dinner party that we were having in the neighborhood that Friday. I really love that my neighborhood tries to do this every year, and three to four homes volunteer to host a specific part of a four course meal. She along with my neighbors Chris and Andre had agreed to host the Appetizers. Because of this, even though she was going to be away for Christmas, she had decided to decorate.

When I arrived she asked my opinion about some poinsettias that she was going to add to her stairway garland, and she also wanted to get my opinion on the fireplace mantle decorations. Well, let me just say after we finished the balcony and mantle, she starting thinking bigger – about 7.5 feet bigger to be exact. She had a very nice Balsam Hill tree – see one similar here, that she was going to leave bare. Well, I couldn’t in good conscious let her do that, so after she showed me what she had, I sent her out to purchase some additional gold stems from Michaels and then I went to work creating some bows for her tree.

These are bunny ear bows, and they can be made quickly by using two cut pieces of ribbon and creating a loop in each one, and then tying them together with some floral wire. I made about 20 of them for her tree. After Nancy returned with her stems, I asked her to gather all of her red, green and gold ornaments and items. Then I went to work on her tree. Stems and bows first, the tree topper, and then the ornaments.

It took me about two hours from start to finish to decorate her tree. Here is what it looks like with the lights on:

She had a very pretty raffia angel that we added to the top of her tree.

She was very pleased with the results and I surprised myself at how quickly I was able to pull together a finished product for her.

Leave a comment and let me know how you think it turned out.

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  1. Lisa,

    I absolutely love my tree!!! My girls go on and on about how perfect it is.

    Thank you very very much!! You are a dear friend


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