Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

This is my first blog, and what a great day to start, on the day for love. Well, my day so far started at midnight as I was driving home from skating with my sweetie and he wished me Happy Valentine’s day at the exact stroke of midnight. He must have been watching the clock like a hawk in order to pull that off, because I had been chatting incessantly about some subject that I no longer recall, probably all about my new skates and how I need to adjust them again, anyway I digress…I was thinking how sweet it was of him, and I responded in kind, and then I commenced to tell him how people now spend more money on their friends, co-workers, and family for Valentine’s Day than they do on their significant other. I think the figure was $98 for friends, co-workers, and family, vs. $77 for significant other. Now I remembered why I love working from home, I’m saving money, I have no co-workers to buy gifts for, contribute to their wedding, baby-shower, birthday cake, etc., and no more group lunches where people conveniently forget to pay for their appetizers. But, back to the subject at hand, Valentine’s day represents a lot of things to many people, and I hope this day brings you much joy, happiness, and LOVE.

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